Highlawn Farm

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An Historical Sketch

Highlawn FarmHigh Lawn Farm has been in continuous operation since the late 1800’s. In 1935, Colonel H. G. Wilde and Mrs. Marjorie Field Wilde assumed ownership from Mrs. Wilde’s family; their vision continues today under the ownership and guidance of this the next generation.

We are the last remaining, in tact dairy farm in the Berkshires—producing, bottling and delivering its own milk—representing over 100 years in the same family. The Jersey herd, for which High Lawn Farm is nationally recognized, dates to at least 1918, with official production records continuous from 1923. Certain families in the present herd trace direct lineage across 15 generations to the original herd of 1918.

High Lawn Jerseys have always been bred for milk production and physical strength. Emphasis is placed on developing individual animals capable of sustained high production over many years, with the ability of transmitting these traits on to successive generations. High Lawn Jerseys continue to be sought by dairy farmers who desire to improve their herds.

Recognition of the contribution of High Lawn Jerseys to the genetic progress of the breed has come from many national and international sources. The American Jersey Cattle Club “Master Breeder” award was presented to Colonel Wilde in 1960 and to Mrs. Wilde in 1977. In 1978, Dairy Shrine, representing all dairy breeds, recognized Colonel and Mrs. Wilde with their annual “Distinguished Dairy Cattle Breeder” award.