High Lawn Farm is dedicated to providing Massachusetts, and neighboring New York and Connecticut, with the
best quality, freshest Jersey milk and dairy products available.

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High Lawn Farm Milk, Cream, Ice Cream, and Butter are the best! Find out more about our products and where to buy them for your kitchen.

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High Lawn distributes to wholesale accounts in NY, CT and MA – our premium products are always in demand. If you would like to carry High Lawn in your store, click below to find out more about our products and contact us.

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Make everything in your restaurant or café taste better with High Lawn!


Chefs and Baristas RAVE about High Lawn Farm milk and cream – it’s just better by nature. If quality, taste and supporting local farms is important to you, connect with us today. To hear from some of our customers, please click the button below.

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High Lawn Farm milk tastes great! There’s no chemical taste in this milk. Tastes naturally good. It’s refreshing.” 

–Michelle, via web

Pure Jersey Milk Since 1923